Best Weekend Ever! (January 8)

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I just had one of the best weekends of my life, honestly. In the top ten. It was just a weekend of being together harmoniously. Ha- with a family of 5, that is a bit of a feat! We did nothing remarkable, exciting, or adventurous.

Saturday: did some cleaning, talked to my bff on the phone, the girls had playdates, Tallest Tallman came home from work at a good time, went out to dinner, and watched some Planet Earth on TV together in our bed before bedtime.

Sunday: made crepes and bacon, went to yoga, hung out and cleaned a bit, went to a family Birthday party at my other BFF/SIL’s house, grocery shopped while listening to my favorite musician (thank you AirPods!), had fried chicken for dinner, practiced piano, and watched another episode of Planet Earth

And both days, I worked on my blog. Creativity time. (Sorry, I did skip out on some of my daily posts! But I did blog 🙂 )

Lots of connecting time. Lots of fun time. Lots of doing what we all love. Lots of good food. Capping both nights off by watching Planet Earth on our TV was the icing on the cake, I think. Tallest Tallman’s Christmas present was a new 4K TV in our bedroom, so it made the program extra cool. We were all snuggled together, pooch and all, in our bed, and it made my heart full.

I think what really enhanced this weekend was two things: I made time for creative pursuits (self care) and I appreciated what I have right in front of me. Two very doable things that I can often forget to do.  Actually, when I think about the self care element- I facilitated everyone pursuing self care, doing what they love, enjoying “me” time. I didn’t scold Tallest Tallman for being lazy when I was at yoga. I let my middle play her video game longer than I probably should have. And I was serious about having fun. I took care to make self care a priority, and I allowed everyone else I live with to do the same thing. And everyone was better for it.

Here’s to more weekends of self care and gratitude!

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