Know Thyself (January 9)

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Introverts have come into light recently. It’s like they’re the underdogs in our abrasive world, and they’re really the ones that have engineered everything. I read Quiet by Susan Cain, or I suppose skimmed it because it was for a book study I did when I was working. I found it very interesting, and I also found myself trying to identify every way I was an introvert. I don’t love going out often, I don’t like to party very much, I like solitude, I don’t love small talk when you meet people, I am an only child- of course I’m an introvert! I like to write my blog posts and have quiet stimulation. Being an introvert was very attractive.

I mean, there’s the whole thing about how I love spending time with friends, I love having 3 kids and being active with them, we do playdates a lot, I have my mom tribe friends… but really, introvert sounds better. The extroverts seem to be the bad guys in that Susan Cain book anyway.

But, being an extrovert or an introvert really has to do with what gives you energy, not shyness as many people believe. So, if you’re an extrovert, you gain energy by being around people. If you’re an introvert, you need to have your alone time to recoup and charge your battery.

And then I kinda realized… I get totally charged up by people. I love organizing things and socializing and being involved in PTA, etc. I just need to reboot with some quiet stuff, too.

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So I told my best friend that I had thought I was an introvert but I was realizing that I was more of an extrovert, and she just about choked on her drink. She thought it was hysterical that I might think I’m an introvert! Which in turn I found hilarious and fascinating- I love when you can discover something about others’ perspective of you, as long as it doesn’t kill you inside, and this did not. This I just found so funny.

I told another friend of mine about this conversation and she also thought it was comical that I had ever thought I was an introvert! “You, an introvert?” Several crying laughing face emojis followed.
Which, again, gave me insight into how I am perceived by others, and how different that can be from how I think I am perceived.

Now, this is neither here nor there, other than knowing what charges you can make a big difference in how you bring yourself joy and what will bring you fulfillment. Since my intention for the year is to do whatever I can to bring myself joy, it’s pretty important to know what recharges my battery and what gets me fired up.

Here is Susan Cain’s TED talk, The Power of Introverts

And here is a personality test that I found most interesting! The tricky part is to answer it truthfully, and I found myself wondering just how accurate I could be about myself.

I was categorized as ESFJ: The Consul.