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PTA and Panera (January 10)

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A dream is a wish your heart makes. And dreams can sometimes change.

Once upon a time, I dreamed to be a public school music teacher. I did everything I needed to do and I got that job! And it was awesome!

Then I became a mom, and my dreams shifted. The concept of having someone else watch my kids while I watched other peoples’ kids irked me more than it should have if working as a music teacher was my dream. Thus, the dream changed.

Now, I find myself working on my children’s school’s PTA newsletter while at Panera on a Wednesday morning, while Tiny Tallman is doing his thang at nursery school. This is the new dream. I am living my dream, manifested differently, again. How did I ever get so lucky?

Hard work, perseverance, and luck. A lot of luck, and I’m not afraid to admit it! Took me several years to get here. There are no guarantees in life, and anything can change in a heartbeat. So I’m just over here, trying to live my best life, soaking in all this good stuff while it’s here. It won’t last forever, but my job now is to live in mindfulness and savor everything I can while I’m in this moment, so I will fill my memory bank with good stuff that I can cling to if/when I get dealt a different hand.

You know, I’ve been told by different people- several times- “I hate you” or “you’re a b****” or “you suck” when they find out I’m not teaching anymore. All in jest, of course! So, at this time in life, I find myself in an envious position, and it is my responsibility to enjoy it as best I can.

If you couldn’t tell, I pinch myself a lot. I wanted this so badly, and now I have it, and just… all the heart eyes emojis in the world.

And I have gained just enough wisdom in my early 30s (you don’t round up until 5 so yes early 30s LOL) to know that the dream will probably change again… and again… and again… And Imma just keep Phoenix-ing and caterpillar-butterfly-ing to follow the next dream as it comes. Might be back where I started, I still heart that music-ed world.

Heart Eyes Emoji! www.theshortesttallman.com

Emoji One [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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