Sifting Through The Sand

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This weekend was a whirlwind of poop.

[Well, let’s hope Little Tallman doesn’t start a blog anytime soon because it doesn’t sound too promising.]

Let’s start again.

This weekend was a whirlwind of all of my Core Desired Feelings, a la The Desire Map! Remember when I posted about that? Well, good stuffity stuff happened:

  • I worked on my email list on my blog. One of my big goals is to grow- and improve- my blog this year. So, I created a new way to subscribe that is way cooler, and I think better, than subscribing to every post. So, now I’ll be sending out a newsletter every other week! It will be a recap of recent posts, and a short little letter from moi!
  • I went out on a limb and took a crochet class. It was really fun, and in the process I got to spend time with a friend of mine and check out her new yarn store. Full post to follow on that. Spoiler alert: it went better than I thought!!!
  • My parents are planning on getting a puppy! A new Boston! W00t! So pumped. I got wicked puppy fever, but I was able to reel it in and appreciate what I have. And what I have doesn’t poop in the house or chew shoes, so thumbs up for my old gal, Betsy. I’m going with my mom this weekend to pick one of the puppies out, so hopefully all goes well throughout the adoption process and we’ll have a new puppy in the family in about a month!
  • I accomplished another goal: I went to yoga and made it to mass. The yoga class I love has a super convenient time/location: Sunday mornings, at a studio very close to my house. But, we normally go to mass at that time. For a month or so, I would sort of alternate, but this weekend I told myself I could do both, and I made it happen, rather seamlessly actually. Vigil mass, whomp whomp! I felt so good about it, it was a big success in my spiritual health department. W00t!
  • I finally tackled a task I have been meaning to do. Well, it’s a big project, and I had been dreading getting started on it. I finally buckled down and spent some time on it and, would you know it, not only do I feel super accomplished, I also feel like it’s not so overwhelming anymore. I feel re-energized about this project.
  • I listened to lots of Feel Good/Self Care/Self Growth/Creativity Boosting podcasts. yessssssss
  • We got outside and played in the snow as a family. Family time, no devices, getting out bodies moving, and enjoying the fresh air… it’s soul building. It’s healing. It heals my soul and it heals our family relationships from any cracks incurred throughout the week. Must do more of that.

I feel like I’m bragging. I guess I am, in a way. I am seeking what brings me joy. I am finding what feels good. I am sifting through the sand and finding the treasures amidst the … sand.

Instead, I could write a bulleted list of the sand (mundane every day crap I’m sick of, ahem, that’s you laundry!) and the broken shells (arguments within the family, finding a mouse in the kitchen… oh yes, lots of broken shells and cigarette butts in the sand!). But I don’t think you come here for the sand and the yucky crap in the sand. We’re all really here for the treasures.

Look for the treasures.

And also subscribe to my blog newsletter. Please. 🙂 And tell a friend! I love seeing new people stop by the blog. I think of it as my internet home, and I love to have visitors.