Whyyyy aren’t you doing this yet??? (January 15)

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Seriously. What are you waiting for. You complain about grocery shopping, and yet you haven’t done the whole order online for pickup thing!!! Quit whining, and figure it out!

One of our local Hannaford stores has “Hannaford To Go,” where you order everything on their website, choose a time to pick it up, and then… Then… It’s so glorious, I don’t know why you haven’t done it: you pull your car through the Hannaford To Go line, press the button to tell them Queen has arrive, and they bring out your groceries to you and put them in your trunk for you!!!!

Seriously. I’m all hopped up ‘cuz I did it today. On a day off from school, I bought groceries without having to get out of the car.


  • It costs $5
  • The earliest you can pickup your food is 4 hours later, if that time slot hasn’t already been filled. So, it does take some planning in advance. I can’t always get my act together to plan in advance, but it’s so worth the little bit of planning! I either order first thing in the morning, or the night before. Booyah.
  • On rare occasion, you have a glitch in what you ordered; as in, you thought you asked for 2 pounds of bananas, but you actually only bought 2. (Make sure you check in the quantity if it’s per pound or each).
    • Or like me today, I couldn’t find the hot dogs I usually buy, so I bought the Hofmann Dinner Franks… umm they are huge and I just. Can’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them. I guess we’ll eat them anyway? I don’t know, they’re so…. it’s the circumference. They freak me out. Blech.

It’s a no-brainer!!! I am getting nothing from this little PSA from Hannaford, I’m just here telling you, if you live near a grocery store that does one of these order online, pickup in store deals, it’s so beyond worth it. It’s like how eating celery is supposed to be negative calories: Hannaford To Go not only removes the stress from grocery shopping with little kids, it actually makes me feel good and accomplished. So stop complaining about grocery shopping, and eliminate this stress from your life!

P.S. Our Walmart has something like that but you have to go INSIDE!!! Pfft. Heck to the no.

Now, on that high, I am going to cook steak in my brand new cast iron skillet for the first time. Better get it right or else you know what I’ll be stuck with for dinner… hot dogs for Amazons.