Writing Experiment: January 2

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Listen, I’ve made it to Day 2. That’s a miracle!

Many of us are going back into our usual routine today. Even if you worked last week, today has a totally different feel than the day after Christmas. Are you welcoming it? Or not? I love the unstructured vacation time, but I do cherish the routine, too. You can’t go to DisneyWorld every day, and it’s the normal routines that makes those special times so special. I guess in all that attitude of gratitude stuff is how you can enjoy the positive feelings of those vacations, year round. And photos and souvenirs.

Or maybe you can go to Disneyworld every day, so to speak. Have you ever heard of The Bucket List Family? They are a family that travels all the time. They left their traditional life and jobs behind, and just travel and blog about it on social media. They’ve managed to get all kinds of sponsors to support their lifestyle. One of their sponsors was Disney, and they spent 30 days at DisneyWorld, each night in a different resort. (I believe it was 30 days… it was a long time, I know that!) For free, that’s awesome. But every darn night, they uprooted and switched hotel rooms. It sounds like a nightmare actually, haha. Like a weird version of Groundhog Day. We’re huge DisneyWorld people but, come on. I forget if they have 1 or 2 kids, but they are expecting one more, and they have temporarily settled down in Utah, I think, as the mom is at the tail end of her pregnancy. It’s pretty cool how they can embrace life and be totally nomadic. I thoroughly enjoy following them on IG and their choices definitely make me think about my own life. But I know that lifestyle is not for me!

P.S.- yesterday, I drank enough water!!!! Maggie FTW! Let’s see if I can do it again. Darn Day 2…

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