Writing Experiment: January 3

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Today, I had a remarkable thought during a very unremarkable experience. Actually, it happens every time I have this experience. I went to Target this morning, had a few things on a list to buy. Of course, I bought more than what was on my list, but at least nothing was superfluous. Well, other than the pink Boston Terrier figure in the dollar section. It’s a Valentine’s Day decoration! Anyway, so at checkout, the cashier asked me if I wanted one of my bags double bagged. And I said, no thank you. Apart from the fact that it’s not very environmentally friendly, I just simply didn’t need it to be double-bagged, since it was going from counter to cart, cart to trunk, trunk to inside my house, and the chances of any catastrophic bag break is simply unlikely with that little bit of carrying.

But my, oh my, I was filled with such gratitude for only needing 1 bag. Because I remember a large chunk of time when we always needed double-bagging, and not too heavy in one bag. Because we did a lot of walking. With groceries.

My mom didn’t drive. It was as simple as that. I guess the long answer is that she was too nervous to drive. Somehow, her nerves were able to get under control enough for her to get her license (and a new car) when I was 24. But in the days (ahem, years) when my father worked out of state, it was just my mom and I for months on end, and we walked.

If you are coming from a city, then this may not particularly out of the ordinary. But having grown up in Deerfield, this… well it sucked. Big time. Because funny thing about grocery shopping, you have to do it all year round. Gotta eat. So, Rose and I would walk down to the grocery store, then walk back up the street with our groceries. It was physically tiring, a sucky way to spend time, and, to be perfectly honest, it was a shameful experience. No one else was doing this. Of course, my parents didn’t think it was crazy because they grew up in the suburbs of Boston, so public transportation and walking with groceries just wasn’t so out of the ordinary. In my world, from my perspective, yeah it sucked and it was terrible. Walking, public transportation, cabs, rides from friends. Hated the whole damn thing.

So, I am always struck with immense gratitude when I can say, no thank you, I don’t want- nor need- my groceries double-bagged. I’m actually going to push this cart straight to my amazing vehicle, turn it on with my key, and drive it back to my house with my license.

Now, since this is me, I told the cashier a more concise version of this story. She politely smiled and said something along the lines of “ok then! well that’s good,” which translates to, “you’re literally insane, do you know that?”

Yes. Yes, I do.


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