Monthly Archives : February 2018

Heading into school break like :-D Give yourself permission to choose FUN next week and have the best week of vacation with your kids!

The day before break!

So funny how different school breaks feel like now that I’m not teaching anymore. Now it’s like, get all my ducks in a row before break; before, it was, get my ducks in a row during break! It’s really not all that much easier these days. The thing that makes it easier is that I’m happier now, I feel like I’m…

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A short update on life, and a quote from Brene Brown!

Life Update

Hey Ya! Been super consumed with life right now, to the point where pumping out sweet content for my blog has taken a bit of a backseat right now. Tallest Tallman was away for two weekends for work, which wasn’t killing my groove too much, but then he came back from Minneapolis last weekend (yeah, yup, #SBLII !!!), and a…

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