Reasons to Give a Meet the Teacher Gift- or Not

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Last year, I wrote this post about giving a Meet the Teacher gift. For me, I don’t always do it, but if I think about it, I’ll do it. I consider it a pretty low-pressure thing, so if I don’t do it, it’s not something I stress over. I am a big believer in small gestures, so it’s something that brings me joy to do. And I’m in the business of seeking joy, as you know! Derp!

www.theshortesttallman.comI thought about writing a post about this topic, but then I thought, what is my stance? Sure, I do it, but it’s not required or expected. It’s not like the End of Year gift or Christmas gift where there’s pressure to do it well. Or at least, I’m one of those people that does think about those gifts, and just from talking to other moms, I think it’s something most people do. A Meet the Teacher gift is just for fun. 

So when I thought about what my stance was, I realized I wasn’t going to write this as a persuasive essay. Instead, here is a list of reasons to give a Meet the Teacher gift, and reasons not to. There is a large array of opinions on the topic; I hope you enjoy them all. 

Reasons to give a Meet the Teacher gift:

  • You already know him/her and you thought it would brighten their day.
  • You don’t know him/her and you want to brighten their day anyway.
  • Gift giving is your love language. (Ha!)
  • You want to teach your child about giving.
  • You want to teach your child how to get on a person of authority’s good side.
  • Your kid is an unholy terror and you want to ease the burden.
  • Your pocketbook is just too heavy with excessive cash! 
  • Your pocketbook is too light but you want to give off a good impression.
  • You want to keep up with the Jones’s.
  • You want a coveted spot at the class Halloween party and the Field Trip.
  • You are also a teacher so you know the first day struggle.
  • You actually thought about it this year and you happened to be at the store when you thought about it.
  • You are a difficult parent to deal with, so you figure a Meet the Teacher gift is the perfect way to get them where you want them. Mwa ha ha!
  • Your kid’s academics are so-so, so getting on the teacher’s good side is going to help them get better grades.

Reasons to not give a Meet the Teacher gift:

  • It is unnecessary. 
  • It is an unnecessary expense.
  • You don’t have time to think about things like that.
  • You pay your taxes, therefore the teacher’s paycheck. Ouch!
  • You don’t want the teacher to think you’re a suck up.
  • You’ve heard terrible things about this teacher.
  • You forgot.
  • No one gives me a gift to show up to work! Hmph!
  • WTH is a Meet the Teacher gift?!

Which one is you? ?

PS- My kids’ teachers got a reusable cup with a straw for cold drinks (from the Dollar Tree) with Hershey Kisses inside this year!?

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