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Podcast Season 2 Coming Soon!

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Hi guys! So pumped to share with you that season 2 of my podcast, Short Stories: A Podcast on Mommyhood Matters by The Shortest Tallman, is coming out next week!

Monday, January 7th, 2019 to be precise!

What can you expect from Season 2? Well, I plan on it being somewhat similar to season 1- so, an extension of my blog content. It will be, indeed, A Podcast on Matters that pertain to Mommyhood! This season, I’m going to let my hair down a little more. A little more candid, a little more content on current hot topics for moms, … a little more. I loved what I was able to do with Season 1, and I’m ready to connect with you all, even more deeply.

I love the Mom Community (… mommunity? Is that a thing? Can I make up that word?), I love connecting with moms, I love how we support each other and I love learning from each other. Some of these new episodes will be me rattling off alone- something I was built for as an only child LOL- some of these episodes I’m hoping to grab a guest to chat with, a la Season 1.

Again, I’m jumping in with two feet and taking a huge risk of putting myself out there. I don’t have a degree in mom blog podcasting, so I’m just walking out into the wilderness with my backpack and hoping for the best. My compass is simply the joy and excitement I get from connecting with you. My biggest guarantee I can give you is that I will be authentic, and I encourage you to be authentic, too. (It won’t work if we are not!)

Are you in???? I’m ALL in! Hope to see you on Monday!

Now, back to Season 1….

2018 was a wicked year for me, in terms of The Shortest Tallman. Early in the year, I thunk long and hard about starting a podcast and I decided to just go for it. I felt that I wanted to extend the conversation that I was having on my blog, and I quite literally wanted to converse with others about motherhood topics that I was passionate about and that my guests were passionate about.

So, I made up a dream list of moms to interview. Some were women I knew personally or are my friends; others, I just extended my virtual hand with an email that came out of the blue! I prepared questions for all twelve of these wonderful guests that centered around both their passions and my own curiosity. Then, I took the leap and contacted them, and they all said yes! (No turning back now, I thought!)

The rest is history: Season One of the podcast was a success! You can find the podcast here on my blog, on my podcast’s very own website, or on iTunes! Just search my name in the search bar, Maggie Tallman. iPhone users can search for my podcast on the Podcast app on their phones!

In case you missed any of the episodes, here they are:

Podcast Season 2! www.theshortesttallman.com