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Awesome alternative to reusable plastic baggies!

Awesome Alternative to Resealable Plastic Baggies!

Hi everyone! We’ve been battling the stomach bug (aka Puke-a-thon 2017) in our house for the last few days. Lots of cleaning, lots of snuggling, lots of praying!!! With all the cleaning that is associated with this type of situation, there is a lot of sorry-not-sorry throwing away of things. We’ve especially been going through paper towels and plastic bags…

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Finding Your Charity Niche!

Finding Your Charity Niche

Hi everyone! March is here! Lent is here! Spring is coming! Whoop whoop! What in the heck is this post even about with a title like that???? Finding a way to help others that really brings you purpose- I like to call it your charity niche. Do you have a way that you give back? Do you approach giving in…

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Why I Pressed "Pause" On My Career- 6 months later!

6 Months Into Pausing My Career

Why, hello shorties! Well, I’m just over halfway through with my year off from work. I just wanted to check in with y’all, and fill you in on how I’m feeling about the whole thing. (Can I just give a great big “Bless Your Heart!” to the Southerners for giving us “y’all”??? It is such a great word, y’all.)  …

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Hands Free Life eBook club!

Hands Free Life e-book club #5

Hi everyone! Did you notice that last Monday was the first Monday of the month, and I didn’t post the next edition of the HFL e-book club??? Ha! Well, I did post my review of Rachel Macy Stafford’s new book, Only Love Today. It’s pretty fantastic, and I encourage you to pre-order, especially since it comes with some great freebies! Continuing…

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Basement Play Space Project

Basement Play Space Project

Hi everyone! Where are all of your kids toys? We were very fortunate in both homes we’ve lived in- we had separate play spaces. The kids have some toys in their rooms, and we do have some toys for Tiny Tallman especially in the TV room/family room, but our basement is our designated playroom. The basement was one of the…

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My review of #onlylovetoday by RMS!!!

“Only Love Today” Review: This Is Special.

Hi, Shorties! If you’ve followed me on my FB page at all, you may have read that I was lucky enough to be selected to join Rachel Macy Stafford’s Launch Team for her new book. I find Rachel’s writings to be Important, Relevant, Special- and her newest book, well, it is the perfect next step for any Rachel fan, or…

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Easy Potty Training!

My Potty Training Method

The next few posts are going to be about how killer my January was/is. I did a lot of R&D for my blog (aka, reading about blogging coupled with living my life, and finding blogging inspiration there within!), so here’s your first taste of my January wins. Tiny Tallman is potty trained!  Yay! I’m on my way to not owning…

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Toddler mom truth.

The Effing Truth About Being a Toddler Mom

There are some #truth bombs in here. Proceed with caution… The Little Tallmans are 7, 5, and 2. I felt like I was starting to get my life under control, a little, when Tiny Tallman came along. He completed our family, and things were somewhat calm with a baby, then he became the delightful and dreaded toddler that he is.…

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Hands Free Life e-book club #4!

Hands Free Life e-book club #4

Hi friends! I don’t get a lot of feedback on this blog series, but I just love it so much, I’m forging ahead. It’s good for me, and if anybody is following, or starts to follow, I hope you get as much out of it as I do! The thing about “Hands Free” living is, I need regular reminders. I…

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