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The Blog Log Series!

The Blog Log #8: Clean Routine

Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to share with you a blog/website I discovered a while back, and recently got back into checking regularly. Lots of you have made your New Year’s Resolution centered around cleaning and organization- this blog is a must-see! Clean Mama! First of all, when you go to her website, it is gorgeous and calming and CLEAN.…

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Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes!

Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes

Stroke of genius. Sometimes, that’s just how it happens. More often than not, it’s a major flop, but sometimes… bam. I decided to make some cupcakes for the Tallest Tallman to bring to work. I was in the mood to bake, and I was in the mood for a cupcake myself. So I searched my pantry, and the stroke of…

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Sweet Treats from

Love for Nutmeg

So, I’ve got this friend, Nutmeg. Her name’s Megan, but we used to call her Nutmeg in college, and I still usually call her that. She’s just… well, she’s a Nutmeg! She’s one of the coolest people I know. She has a love for animals, namely cats and ferrets. She’s also a legit music fan; she is an encyclopedia of…

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The December Guide

The Shortest Tallman’s December Guide. Some helpful tips, some funny stuff, and a tiny bit a waste of your time. I just wanted to make sure I met all of your expectations 😂😂😂 1       Aww, it’s December finally! Christmas vacation will be on at 7:05, followed by The Santa Clause at 9:15 on Freeform channel. Yeehaw! You know, I got thinking-…

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Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Craft!

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Hi everyone! Things have been pretty busy around here, I’m sure for you, too. With our usual activities, which is a decent amount, a husband that works a lot, and holidays coming up- it adds up to a full plate, but full of all good things. I am one of those nerds who likes to setup my dining room table…

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12 ways to decompress this fall.

12 Ways to Decompress this Fall

Hi guys. Is it just me, or is this fall shaping up to be a fierce competitor to the busyness of December?! That’s why I haven’t tended to my blog in a while! I feel like I have stuff going on every weekend and every week night. I guess it comes with the territory of 3 kids that are getting…

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The Shortest Tallman's Pasta Sauce

The Shortest Tallman’s Pasta Sauce

Like learning how to do all types of adulting, it took me a while to learn how to make my own sauce. I tried various recipes, and some of them came out pretty good. However, there would be problems. Either it wouldn’t come out consistently good, or it was really labor intensive, or I just didn’t love it. I really…

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Everything Wings

These Everything Wings are EVERYTHING.

Who makes the best Everything Wings???? Cavallo’s? Killabrew? THIS GUY. Just kidding. That’s my dog playing with an AG doll. THIS GUY. All thanks to my pal, Nicole. She created her own recipe for Everything Wings, and IMHO, it’s as good as the resturants’. She’s one of those people that’s really great in the kitchen (well, she’s pretty great wherever…

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Modern Day/Feminist Musings

Today, Tiny Tallman and I took a walk, went to the orchard and bought apples, and went to the dairy and bought milk. Back in the day, we would have done these things, because we had to. Well, I suppose there was the milkman, so I guess there would have been that. Later, of course, the big grocery stores sprang…

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