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The July Guide!

The July Guide

Greetings, Shorties! We at the Shortest Tallman (and by “we,” I mean “me”) love July. Back when I was teaching full time, July was like a giant Saturday… newly relieved from the duties of work, and lots of time until Monday 🙂 Plus, it was my opportunity to be a SAHM, something I had dreamed of from my early days…

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Hey Hey Hey!

Hi, Shorties! Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or forgottener? Ha! Well, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on, and I’ve been focusing on them, as well as sleep, over my blog 🙁 We went to Disney Whoot! We had a blast on our Disney trip! With a family, I highly recommend staying…

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October, at a glance :)

October At A Glance

Literally, October at a glance. Here is a photo gallery of the sights around an upstate NY October! As far as Octobers go, 2016’s was quite lovely! Sure, I’m bummed about the weather getting colder, but there’s so much to look forward to.                                    …

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TheShortestTallman visits Boscov's!

TheShortestTallman Reviews Boscov’s New Hartford!

Hi peeps! Boscov’s reached out to me, invited me to their store, gave me a tour, fed me their fudge, and asked if I would give my readers a review of their brand new store in New Hartford, NY. Ya know. NBD or nuthin. !!!! Before coming to our area, I had heard of Boscov’s, and was pretty sure I’d…

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TheShortestTallman visits the Utica Children’s Museum!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to our local children’s museum. I’ve read news stories about changes in leadership and various drama over the years, and I know funding has been an issue. Still, somehow I have never taken my kids there, and we tend to get out a lot. Now that it’s just me and my little…

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Summer Getaway 2016 Wrap-Up!

Summer Getaway 2016 Wrap-Up

This summer, we went away twice, two totally different vacations. One was an old favorite, totally within our comfort zone, and one was a new experience for us (to a degree anyway. We didn’t vacation in Madagascar or something lol). (One things I just realized was that we had a buffer day before the Tallest Tallman had to go back…

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Utica Coffee Cold Brew!

Utica Coffee Cold Brew!

Happy Monday! So, I’ve been meaning to do a post about one of my favorite Utica places, as well as share my first cold brew coffee experience. This whole cold brew thing is really in right now, and when you taste it, you can see why! What I like about the idea of brewing my own cold brew at home…

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Summer Routines

Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime! Ah, summer. I’m a teacher, and was fortunate to land a job right after I graduated from college. This means I’ve never worked in the summer, other than for a part time job during college. This is one of the perks of my career, can’t complain one bit about that. (The complaints will go in…

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