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Hey Hey Hey!

Hi, Shorties! Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or forgottener? Ha! Well, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on, and I’ve been focusing on them, as well as sleep, over my blog 🙁 We went to Disney Whoot! We had a blast on our Disney trip! With a family, I highly recommend staying…

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The Whitney Post.


One of the best things about having Satellite Radio in my car is choosing my favorites. That song by Epic called “Faith No More,” that you didn’t know the title or artist, that you want to hear again?? Click add to favorites. Bam. Love “Mandy” so much that it’s both a favorite song and Barry Manilow is a favorite artist,…

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Passions and Time Management

I had this sitting in draft form for a while, today I’m publishing this little nugget! As a mom, balancing my passions is always a little tricky.  As far as my singing has been concerned, since college, the bulk of my singing has been at a church gig over the last ten years.  I also used to teach voice lessons,…

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A part of my identity is my music, despite this being my first (and only thus far) blog post about it!  The MOM and WORK hats have dominated my life for the last few years, but deep down inside is soprano Maggie. I’m working on a Mozart piece to sing at Mass this weekend (yes, my organist likes to exploit…

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