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Two Day Trips To Plan While You're Snowed In

Two Day Trips To Plan While You’re Snowed In

Hi everyone! In light of this wicked weather, I wanted to share with you a sweet little weekend getaway we did back in August. Remember that time? Yeah, it’ll come back around again, I promise. I’ve been holding on to this post idea for what seems like forever, and I’m so glad to finally be sharing it with you! Last…

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Hey Hey Hey!

Hi, Shorties! Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Or forgottener? Ha! Well, I haven’t forgotten about my blog. I’ve had a bunch of stuff going on, and I’ve been focusing on them, as well as sleep, over my blog 🙁 We went to Disney Whoot! We had a blast on our Disney trip! With a family, I highly recommend staying…

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Boston post, 2.0

Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe, 2.0

Hey guys! You all know I already think that Boston is the greatest city in the universe, as I gave 7 reasons in a blog post a ways back.  I present to you further evidence as such, by way of a photo essay. Subtitle: An exercise in playing around with the various features of  Best website ever for editing…

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Summer Getaway 2016 Wrap-Up!

Summer Getaway 2016 Wrap-Up

This summer, we went away twice, two totally different vacations. One was an old favorite, totally within our comfort zone, and one was a new experience for us (to a degree anyway. We didn’t vacation in Madagascar or something lol). (One things I just realized was that we had a buffer day before the Tallest Tallman had to go back…

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7 Reasons Why Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe!

7 Reasons Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe.

Cuz I love that dirty water… Boston, you’re my home. Doot doot… doot doo-doot……  doot doot… doot doo-doot. (The Standells) Boston is the greatest city in the universe.  I elaborate: 1.          History:  America was born here. Plymouth Rock is nearby-ish (Plymouth is a lovely day trip out of Boston-proper).  The freedom trail hits it all, hits all the historical landmarks…

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Winter getaway

Fortunately, this year I had the good fortune of going away for a long weekend to a warm place during my winter break. Having small children, this of course is not in our cards usually. But as the rep from the travel company (that we nicknamed Jimmy Buffett) told us: who knew you could travel the world from selling tires?…

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The Blog Log! Where I showcase awesome blogs I've found in my internet travels.

The Blog Log #1: Amour for France

Howdy!  I’m starting a new weekly series, entitled “The Blog Log.”  The statistics for how many blogs are out there are mind-blogging.  It’s something like, 6 in every 5 people have a blog.  Whatevs, there’s a lot.  So, I thought I’d share with you some nifty one’s I’ve found.  I’m not going to follow any particular theme; they might be…

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