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What is this meditation thing all about anyway? How does a busy mom even fit it in? Here's how you can squeeze in a little meditation to stay sane!

Meditation for Moms #irl

Hey there, Shorties 🙂 What’s with all this meditation crap, anyway??? I mean… who has the time? Who has the patience? What good does it even do? I know. Even though I’ve been doing this now for almost a year, I still feel this way a little. But like, yeah, it kind of is the ish. Here’s the thing: our…

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The Importance of a Mom Tribe

Momming ain’t easy! We all know that! And we are social creatures, even us shy ones. (I said that to include all my shy pals, I am not typically a shy one!) We have a need to feel understood, to find common ground with others. New moms need a support system that includes family and friends who have been there.…

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