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Boston post, 2.0 www.theshortesttallman.com

Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe, 2.0

Hey guys! You all know I already think that Boston is the greatest city in the universe, as I gave 7 reasons in a blog post a ways back.  I present to you further evidence as such, by way of a photo essay. Subtitle: An exercise in playing around with the various features of picmonkey.com.  Best website ever for editing…

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Life is but a dream… ten years later!

The Tallest Tallman and I just celebrated our ten year anniversary. We had our family over for dinner, with a surprise at the end. Here are a few highlights: So, the day started off with a GORGEOUS flower delivery!  The Tallest Tallman had this humungous arrangement delivered in the morning, as I was cleaning and preparing for the party. They…

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7 Reasons Why Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe! www.theshortesttallman.com

7 Reasons Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe.

Cuz I love that dirty water… Boston, you’re my home. Doot doot… doot doo-doot……  doot doot… doot doo-doot. (The Standells) Boston is the greatest city in the universe.  I elaborate: 1.          History:  America was born here. Plymouth Rock is nearby-ish (Plymouth is a lovely day trip out of Boston-proper).  The freedom trail hits it all, hits all the historical landmarks…

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