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Kid Friendly Meal Anthology www.theshorttesttallman.com

Kid-Friendly Food Anthology

Look, some of you have kids that eat healthy stuff. You know, green things. Leafy things. Things that grow from the ground. You’re not out there searching for ways to hide healthy foods into their diet, or considering bribes or blackmail to get your kids to eat certain things. For some of you, your kids don’t eat chicken nuggets as…

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Meal Planning Ideas www.theshortesttallman.com

Meal Planning, take 402.

Love checking out wayyyy better blogs than my own.  I found a great idea on Cupcake Diaries!  Get a load of this cute menu planner!  I chose the yellow one. I mean really, blogs are such a great resource! Now, I’ve tried a number of meal planning strategies, and I never seem to make it to week 2.  Which is pretty pathetic.…

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