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Feel like you're going crazy as a Stay At Home Mom? Check out this post for some practical ideas for not losing your mind: How To Be Happy as a SAHM! www.theshortesttallman.com

How To Be Happy As A Stay At Home Mom

Being a Stay At Home mom is a gift. So many moms want to, but because of financial reasons, not everyone can. However, even though it’s a gift, in some ways it can be harder than working! There is a real value on having the stimulation of a work day- conversations with colleagues, working on projects, [hopefully] dealing with mature…

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Morning and Nighttime Routines for Kids! www.theshortesttallman.com


“It’s the same as last night!” That quote is from me, every. flipping. night. seriously. Kids (secretly) love routines.  Kids need routines.  But, boy, they sure seem to stray from routines whenever possible.  Our bedtime routine takes way too long, and our morning routine often involves fussing.  So we are trying this: I asked my oldest last night what we…

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