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Passions and Time Management

I had this sitting in draft form for a while, today I’m publishing this little nugget! As a mom, balancing my passions is always a little tricky.  As far as my singing has been concerned, since college, the bulk of my singing has been at a church gig over the last ten years.  I also used to teach voice lessons,…

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Meal Planning Ideas www.theshortesttallman.com

Meal Planning, take 402.

Love checking out wayyyy better blogs than my own.  I found a great idea on Cupcake Diaries!  Get a load of this cute menu planner!  I chose the yellow one. I mean really, blogs are such a great resource! Now, I’ve tried a number of meal planning strategies, and I never seem to make it to week 2.  Which is pretty pathetic.…

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