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Self Care = Honoring Boundaries and Wishes! www.theshortesttallman.com

Self Care = Honoring Boundaries & Wishes

Self Care is a word that’s being thrown around a lot, especially within mom-media. I think it’s great! You can’t take care of others if your own cup empty. If you can, it’s only because you’re doing it on the surface and eventually it will catch up to you and you’ll explode, or implode. You probably know exactly what I’m…

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Two Day Trips To Plan While You're Snowed In www.theshortesttallman.com

Two Day Trips To Plan While You’re Snowed In

Hi everyone! In light of this wicked weather, I wanted to share with you a sweet little weekend getaway we did back in August. Remember that time? Yeah, it’ll come back around again, I promise. I’ve been holding on to this post idea for what seems like forever, and I’m so glad to finally be sharing it with you! Last…

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Boston post, 2.0 www.theshortesttallman.com

Boston is the Greatest City in the Universe, 2.0

Hey guys! You all know I already think that Boston is the greatest city in the universe, as I gave 7 reasons in a blog post a ways back.  I present to you further evidence as such, by way of a photo essay. Subtitle: An exercise in playing around with the various features of picmonkey.com.  Best website ever for editing…

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Brewster, MA

Welp, after an absence I am back to my blog!  Adding work back into my juggling act has been a transition, and everyone is in a new grade or class at school, so we’ve all been adjusting.  I have missed you, blog! Over Labor Day weekend, we took a little trip to visit some old friends at the Cape.  And…

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