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What is hygge? www.theshortesttallman.com

What is hygge?

Hygge: the other white meat Hygge: the best thing out of Denmark since those cookies Hygge: The funnest sounding word you’ll say today I first was introduced to hygge when we saw Frozen on Broadway. The show was incredible. As is the norm, there was a bit of a plot adjustment for the live show, as well as a whole…

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When it snows, I get a little reflective :) www.theshortesttallman.com

When It Snows

I get pretty jazzed up when we get a major weather event. Our major weather events aren’t usually very major comparatively; in Upstate New York, our major events rarely involve something catastrophic like a hurricane or a tornado. We rarely get earthquakes, and when we do they aren’t really noticeable, not that that’s weather. I am a bit of a…

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